Vauxhall 0 Wigan Walkers 5

The game was as comfortable as it sounds. Wigan started strongly (for once) taking an early lead when Woosey scored from a pass from a kick in.Wilkins repeated this soon after and then added a third just before half time to enable the Walkers to go to the break with a 3-0 lead.
Vauxhall tried to respond but Daintry pulled off a couple of fine saves.
We then went 4-0 up when Hampson’s pass was diverted into the net by an unlucky Vauxhall defender. To Pete’s credit he never claimed it….daft sod as I would have done😁

Wilkins then added a 5th after a mishit pass from the Vauxhall keeper.

A good solid display by all 7 players was capped off by Ryan not getting a nosebleed from venturing too far upfield and getting 3 shots on target!

Great setup at Vauxhall and they are a very new club,They were a credit to the game and we should invite them to any tournaments at our place.

Ref was excellent,very hot on running but he was consistent for both sides so you can’t ask for anymore than that.We had one player blue carded for 3 offences, they had 2.

So all 3 of our sides are through to the next round,including the 65’s who have got a bye.

Gary Wilkins

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