Down at Wigan Walkers FC we are really settling back into our spiritual home following refurbishment.

Oranges v Pinks

When the Soccerdome on Stadium Way announced it was set to close its doors we felt a little uncertain about what the future might hold for our club, a distinct lack of indoor facilities that could cater for 60+ players during the day was proving hard to find.


Obviously with Walking Football aimed at the โ€˜olderโ€™ generation it isnโ€™t ideal to play outside throughout the winter months.


Wigan Athletic stepped into the breach, they acquired the lease on the Soccerdome premises and carried out work to upgrade the venue into a Category 2 academy facility for their young players, they also offered us our Wednesday slot back at the place we had called home for the past five years.


George Walker

We have been back โ€˜homeโ€™ since the first week in January and our numbers have flourished once again.


Jeff Rourke

The latest session, Wednesday 11th March, was attended by over 50 players who enjoyed a competitive and exhilarating bout of 6-a-side walking football for 70 minutes.


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