A new feature for the website starting today, The Weekly Update, a look back at the past seven days and maybe just a little cutting!


There were three sessions down at the PowerLeague Soccerdome in Wigan over the past seven days but Wednesday’s meeting was by far the most eventful, a great turnout of over 30 players.


The group was split into two, on pitch number one three sides played round robins of 8 minute games, very gentlemanly with many a “sorry” and “ooh I was a bit late there” brought lots of laughter.



Over on pitch number two 12 guys went head to toe in a more competitive environment for 90 minutes with just a couple of water breaks.


Hard core stuff!




Super Alan Bartley


What a week for stalwart Alan Bartley


Recently Alan has been putting in some fantastic performance at the heart of defence for the gentleman games, he’s been reading the game well, cool under pressure and building play from the back, on Wednesday Alan put in another sterling performance anchoring the back-line, he then ‘volunteered’ to go up top as his side were struggling to score, he poached a great goal anticipating a sloppy back pass, then set up big Baz Worthington with a great through ball.


This performance didn’t go amiss, when the ‘A’ team suffered an injury over on pitch number 2 Alan got the call to join the big lads and duly obliged, continuing his efforts for the final 20 minutes of the session, a great performance.


After the game I spoke with Alan and asked how it had gone, his reply – “I’m bloody knackered”…you can take the man out of Leyland but you can’t take Leyland out of the man!


Why not come and join us this week, PowerLeague Soccerdome Wigan, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 11:30am for 90 minutes, £4 and you get a couple of brews, biscuits and a shower.


Norman, Tommy, Alan and Peter

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