Wigan Walkers FC advocate a 100% NON-CONTACT aspect to the game at all sessions and competitions.

As per the WFA rules https://thewfa.co.uk/rules/

Deliberate or reckless physical contact is not permitted by any player; this includes:

I. Slide tackling and/or slide blocking.
II. Tackling across a player at a barrier.
III. Blocking or cornering a player against a barrier.
IV. Crowding (two players vs one) a player against a barrier.
V. Shoulder charging, pushing or barging.
VI. Stepping across or obstructing an opponent to gain an advantage or
deny that player access to the ball or position.
VII. Tackling (or poaching) from the side or behind causing physical contact
with a player or in a manner likely to cause injury.
VIII. Reckless or excessive conduct regardless of whether or not there is
any physical contact.

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