Although we have no photographic evidence of our first ever “Festival of Football” the emphasis was  on enjoyment, not competing.

As such, we didn’t record any scores, the refereeing was done “in-house” and the vast majority accepted all decisions gracefully.

A big THANKYOU to the walking clubs, Crosby, FC.United of Manchester, Liverpool and two teams from Preston North End who embraced the spirit of Walking Football in a more friendly series of matches with like minded clubs.

Wigan Walkers entered three teams, they were a mixed bag both in age & skill level across all three squads to emphasise the goodwill of the game we are trying to achieve.

We had plenty of handshakes, back slapping and banter and after the final whistle a mountain of chips accompanied by lashings of bread & butter to compliment the tea & coffee were consumed.
Also thanks to the good people at The Wigan Soccerdome who helped before, during and afterwards, they as ever are much appreciated by us all.

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  • Denis Cudahy 23 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    For my first tournament I had a great time plenty of laughs look forward to the next one

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