If the new lad’s & any of our “regulars” are a tad full of aches and pains have a look at this …..     Remember next week start times on Monday & Wednesday is 11.30am and final whistle is 1pm.

W a l k i n g  s t y l e  ? If you are over 50 years old go and sort out your trainers and kit & come along down for game. Wednesday 18th @ 10.30am at the Soccerdome in Wigan. £4 includes a brew and biscuits after your shower.

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A new feature for the website starting today, The Weekly Update, a look back at the past seven days and maybe just a little cutting!   There were three sessions down at the PowerLeague Soccerdome in Wigan over the past seven days but Wednesday’s meeting was by far the most eventful, a great turnout of […]