Due to school holidays and The Soccerdome running classes for the young people of the Borough our sessions will now be at 11.30am on Monday 19th & Wednesday 21st February.  

Hello to all our walking football friends  just a reminder that places are filling fast for our popular one-day April tournament. Indoor at The Walking Dome in Wigan, just a  goal kick away from The DW Stadium. Over 50’s & Over 60’s  6-a-side with independent referees. However due to the heavy demand for places we are having 

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Great session today at The Walking Dome in Wigan, three pitches, six teams with over forty over fifties playing the great game. Plus a BIG welcome to the four new lad’s ! Don’t forget we play on Monday’s as well, same place, same time, same banter & camaraderie. Find us on Facebook  :  https://www.facebook.com/groups/416615058538290/ & Twitter  :  @WiganWalkersFC  

Don’t be put off by the term “walking” football, get down to The Soccerdome in Wigan every Monday & Wednesday 10.30am till noon for enjoyment you thought had lost forever. Great facilities, wonderful banter and a brew to finish with, what’s NOT to like ? Don’t be shy, see you there !

Steve Dixon has rang the Soccerdome, they say it is a 10:30am start on Wednesday 3rd January 2018. Don’t forget we also have a session on Monday’s, same time, same place. New Year, great game’s, superb camaraderie, new faces ?