The inaugural Chorley walking football tournament we finished runners up after dominating the whole evening.

The final ended 0-0 then our first penalty from me was stopped by Denis C then Dave Malone saved my blushes with a great save but another two block’s from Denis and even though Gary scored his penalty we had unfortunately lost.

In the league format everyone scored some absolute screamers (apart from me) and a BIG thank-you to the lad’s who came and watched us, the “WiganWalkersUltras” and to Tommy Ryan who was manager for the evening.

The whole event apart from the defeat in the Final was a great success and I for one achieved an ambition to play under floodlights on a “proper” ground 😃

Our results :
WWFC v ChorleyB 4-0
WWFC v USN BoltonA 1-0
WWFC v USN BoltonB 1-1
WWFC v ChorleyC 3-0
WWFC v ChorleyA 2-0
WWFC v Huddersfield Town 1-0
WWFC v ChorleyA 2-0
WWFC v USN BoltonA 0-0 lost on penalties.

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