Wigan Whites won all 4 games 1-0 in the St Helens Festival bringing yet another trophy back to The Soccerdome.

We were victorious against two St Helens teams and the other one was from Warrington.

The matches were only 12 minutes so if you went a goal up it was hard for the opponents to come back especially with our superb defence of Dave, Tommy and Alan Southern.

Our goals were shared around with one each for Steve Anderton, Frank, Tony and Alan.

Wigan Yellows  were unlucky as they were often on top but made a few mistakes in defence.

They did however get a good win against St Helens though.

A BIG thanks to John Anderson for managing two teams which isn’t easy especially when they’re playing at the same time !

(Thanks to Steve Anderton for the report)

Action from Whites v Yellows (Thanks to Di for the pictures)

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